August 22 to 25, 2016 | Frei Caneca Convention Center – 4th Floor | Frei Caneca St. 569 - São Paulo - Brazil

About the event

Sponsored and executed by – Associação Brasileira de Ensaios Não Destrutivos e Inspeção, the next edition of ConaEnd & IEV 2016 will approach themes that have direct impact on the daily affairs of companies, professionals, Universities, END Research Centers, as well as on the inspection of equipments and material, and on service rendering. In fact, we will present the most advanced technology used in the main industrial segments of the Country.
The highlight is the technical aspect of the event, which will present the most recent research results and the works that address the main issues concerning productivity, equipment reliability, and industrial plants.

The equipment will also have special sections, debate forums, presentation of papers (orally and via posters) and mini-courses focused on themes of industrial relevance.


One of the main objectives of the ConaEnd & IEV is establishing a synergy between the technical community and the industry. This link between researchers and industries is extremely important to leverage Brazilian industry´s productivity and competitiveness.

Target Audience

Directors, managers, researches, teachers, experts and professionals involved in END, Inspection, Equipment integrity, Explosive environments, Welding, Safety, Security and Quality.


Associação Brasileira de Ensaios Não-Destrutivos e Inspeção – ABENDI (Brazilian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection)
Adress: Avenida Onze de Junho, 1317 – Vila Clementino
Zip code: 04041-054 São Paulo - Brazil
Phone: +55 (11) 5586-3197/3161/3172 / E-mail:


ExpoEnd - Equipments Technical Exhibition, Products and Non-Destructive Testing Services and Inspection

Why exhibit?
• Join the sector’s best suppliers
• Disclose your novelties and your technology
• Be seen by the whole NDT and Inspection community of the country
• Stress your contacts and build up a new clients’ portfolio.

Plant Floor


Industrial sectors related to ConaEnd&IEV

They will be back in the next edition



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Call for Papers

Conaend’s program will include technical presentation sessions (oral/poster), panels and plenary conferences. Those interested in submit original works must follow the proposed themes and schedule.

Oral Presentation

Sessions for technical-scientific formal works presentations of general interest for a big audience, lasting 20 minutes per work (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions)

Poster Presentation

Sessions for informal presentations, where authors and participants discuss technical subjects with specific focus.

Abstract submission until March, 7, 2016.

Submit your abstract here

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Flaws Analysis;
Stress Theoretical and Experimental Analysis;
NDT’s Automation;
Integrity Evaluation;
NDT Reliability;
Equipment Reliability;
NDTs Contribution to Environment Protection and Conservation;
Innovation Cost X Benefit in Inspection and NDT Application;
NDT in Products Quality Control;
NDTs Fundamentals and Technologies;
Inspection Management;
IT Use in NDT;
Inspection of Piping and Ducts;
Inspection of Concrete Structures;
Inspection in Large Metallic Structures;
Non-Intrusive Inspection;
Underwater Inspection;
Equipment Integrity and Life Extension;
New Technologies for NDT Inspection;
NDT Research and Development;
People’s Training, Qualification and Certification.

City of São Paulo

Beautiful, rich, intellectual, democratic, alive, sports’ friendly, cultural, sentimental, romantic, modern, serious, extroverted, professional. At the end of the day, what defines São Paulo? There is not a single adjective able to translate with perfection what represents one of the megacities of the world.

Carefully drawn by multi-nationalities, cultures, beliefs, formations and ideals, this great bandeirante (pioneers) metropolis is really cosmopolitan, by vocation and adoption. It is Italian, German, Jewish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, African, Arabian, Spanish, Latina, Brazilian, “paulistana” (from São Paulo city). These and many other different faces are reflected in the architecture of the buildings, in the streets, in the refined taste of its gastronomic suggestions and in the attires and mannerisms of a people that never stop, day after day, writing the city’s valuable history.

Every year, approximately 10 million visitors come to the city in order to leverage business or tighten up professional contacts, to shop or to enjoy the cultural calendar tuned to what is going on around the world. To be in São Paulo is to live a 24 hour metropolis, with a life style that joins work and leisure as if they were two faces of the same coin. Capital of a State the same size of United Kingdom, with a population similar to Spain and that is accountable for generating almost half of Brazil’s economy, São Paulo has also become the number one touristic destination of Brazil.

Source: São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau


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EXPOEND - Exposição Técnica de Equipamentos, Produtos e Serviços de Ensaios Não Destrutivos e Inspeção, reúne empresas nacionais e internacionais fabricantes de produtos e prestadoras de serviços.

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O ConaEnd & IEV 2016 trará temas que impactam diretamente no dia a dia das empresas, dos profissionais, das universidades e dos centros de pesquisas envolvidos com END e inspeção de equipamentos e materiais, e na prestação de serviços. Isto quer dizer: apresentaremos o que há de mais avançado em tecnologia utilizada no setor para os principais segmentos industriais do país.

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Associação Brasileira de Ensaios Não Destrutivos e Inspeção – Abendi
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04041-054 – São Paulo – SP
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